Matryoshka (disambiguation)

Medical Students quickly become desensitised. It is a coping mechanism and it works well – not the least because it makes us laugh. Nevertheless, it’s no wonder people think we are weird. Case in point: Clinical Partner and I discuss our feelings on autopsies. He says, “Wow… doing that autopsy on the pregnant woman wasContinue reading “Matryoshka (disambiguation)”

First Years Spread HOPE

Our university has started to rethink our way of welcoming first year students, in such a way as to promote the HOPE project. The HOPE project focuses on three pillars: Academic Excellence Research Community Interaction It is the latter that has been revolutionary: for universities to accept responsibility in the community is less obvious thanContinue reading “First Years Spread HOPE”

Med School: The Reaping

They supposedly do this thing at the beginning of medical school: Look to your left, look to your right. Only one of you will graduate in the allotted time. I don’t remember them doing it for our class, three years ago. I used to think it was because they were committed to getting us allContinue reading “Med School: The Reaping”

China Part II: Scenic Learning

The overall reason for our trip to China was a liaison-opportunity with Hunan University. We had the opportunity to explore the university grounds and to interact with the students. Having experienced Stellenbosch Main Campus – a beautiful campus – it was a pleasant surprise to explore an equally beautiful (albeit differently so) campus.

China Part 1: Awestruck in Zhangjiajie

Part of my trip to China in September included a three day trip to Zhangjiajie, a World Heritage Site and the first National Park of China. Certain scenes of the movie Avatar were shot there (I have never watched the movie, and now that I have seen the real-life place I am afraid the movie willContinue reading “China Part 1: Awestruck in Zhangjiajie”

I am still here

I know I have been awfully quiet, but I have a good excuse, I promise… I was in CHINA! It was awesome. Eight students from my university went to liaise with students from Hunan University. Unfortunately I now need to study for Haematology on Friday, so I will only be able to give adequate feedbackContinue reading “I am still here”

Rural Gems of the Western Cape

I don’t think I ever officially announced it here: my campaign for TSR chairperson 2011/2012 was successful. Yay! Anyway, it was the new TSR’s team building and planning camp this past weekend. We went to a farm near Greyton, a tiny village in the Overberg region.

Top Tips for Tygerberg Part I

Every year I get a substantial amount of queries from aspiring medical students regarding the school I attend. It is a prestigious university with some interesting factors at play, so it is wise for Matrics (high school seniors) to investigate their potential choices. They will be spending six years there, after all.