In Memory of Fallen Colleagues

In the short while that I have been involved in healthcare, I have learnt that there is a sort of camaraderie among South African healthcare workers. They know what it is like working with only the most basic of drugs. They know night shifts with too many patients for too few beds. They know allContinue reading “In Memory of Fallen Colleagues”

My Mini MSF

I have been meaning to write about this for a while. My university has a community service program called “Maties Community Service.” It encompasses several different community service projects. There are literacy projects, small business management projects, orphanage project. The Health Sciences Faculty was originally called USCOR – University of Stellenbosch Clinical Organisation (as oneContinue reading “My Mini MSF”

Gala Dinner: Great Evening

I have written before of the virtues of a well-balanced life. Tonight it was proven to me once again. As the a member of the Academic Affairs Council of the university, I was invited to attend a special prestige evening held for the top achieving first years of 2010. Reasons to attend included – butContinue reading “Gala Dinner: Great Evening”

Today I went to Parliament…

Today I went to the South African Parliament. The student governments from four Western Cape Universities were invited to participate in a discussion with the Committee for Higher Education (which in turn advises parliament and Blade Nzimande, Minister for Higher Education). The Parliamentary building is really beautiful. It has an air about it that stillContinue reading “Today I went to Parliament…”

Protesting on campus

Tygerberg Campus is not the most politically active campus in South Africa. Earlier this year, the student council organised something called “courageous conversations” in order to address concerns about homophobia on campus [courageous conversations can address any issues, though]. The audience consisted almost solely of the student council and the media. This campus is oneContinue reading “Protesting on campus”

When fate meddles with my profession

My friend was in an accident. It is not my story to tell and he would not appreciate me doing so, but it set me thinking. As medical students of the 21st century, we are drilled in several things that were not always considered as important. These are things like the interdisciplinary approaches and holisticContinue reading “When fate meddles with my profession”