The Abortion Post

I’ve been meaning to post this for a while, but was uncertain if I was ready for the flurry of spam/ hate mail that tends to accompany these kind of posts. One of today’s PostSecrets changed my mind. I’m pro-choice. Not because I know what my decision would or would not be if I wereContinue reading “The Abortion Post”

Why “Share” Hoaxes Get My Goat

I get really annoyed when people share those photos stating that for every share, some illustrious company or doctor will donate $1 for a lifesaving treatment or surgery. It annoys me because it turns logical people into pathetic sounding board for Munchausen-by-Internet sufferers. It annoys me because it floods my timelines. It annoys me because itContinue reading “Why “Share” Hoaxes Get My Goat”

Everything but Stupidity

If you’ve recently worked in a health care setting, you’ll be familiar with ICD-10: the International Classification of Disease. ICD-codes are supposed to be of massive benefit in hospitals for pricing, statistics and confidentiality-purposes. It’s also a huge schlep, because there are massive volumes of books containing all the codes, so a lot of theContinue reading “Everything but Stupidity”

Video: You Are So Beautiful

One of the South African medical aid providers, Discovery Health, is starting with the implementation of large-scale electronic record-keeping. While there are many debates around electronic record-keeping, I have struggled enough with “lost” files and illegible notes to be in support of such technology. Here is the advertisement for their “HealthID”: I love this advert.Continue reading “Video: You Are So Beautiful”

Medicine, Bureaucracy, Press Freedom*

The latest fun development in the South African Health Care Sector (source): Yesterday, the HoDs at the Port Elizabeth Hospital Complex called a press conference. They declared that it was not possible for them to work in their understaffed, under-equipped states. I can vouch for this. Too few RNs, too few security guards and notContinue reading “Medicine, Bureaucracy, Press Freedom*”

An Author’s Take on the Youth

I didn’t post anything for South Africa’s Youth Day on 16 June. It wasn’t because of my presence at Cape Town Book Fair (although partly so), and it wasn’t because I was annoyed with how this day of remembrance has become politicised – although that certainly played a large part. I feel passionate about theContinue reading “An Author’s Take on the Youth”

Rant: Security in South African Hospitals

So now that it’s reached the media, I can write about an unfortunate incident without the threat of being considered a traitor. One of our students was assaulted in the hospital on Saturday morning. A lot of “”big people” are trying to call it “attempted assault”. I say nonsense.

Pouring My Heart Out About Birthing Plans

I’m not going to whine today. I’m not even going to be diplomatic. Because I’m annoyed. Because I believe in the rights of the patient, and because I love obstetrics and neonatology I’ve been reading a lot of blogs where women share their birth stories. And a lot of them write about how they feltContinue reading “Pouring My Heart Out About Birthing Plans”

The Unhappy Doctor

My presence in the medical community has not been lengthy, but I’ve noticed one thing: A lot of doctors are terminally unhappy. I know they think we don’t notice their scowl, their rush to get out of the hospital, their snide comments when the patient is finally subdued by the anaesthetic. I see it. IContinue reading “The Unhappy Doctor”

Organ Donation, Unwinding and the Black Market

Organ donation is becoming more and more of an issue. It should have been a huge issue ages ago. Nazirah wrote a great post about it here. I recently read Unwind by Neal Shusterman. You need to read it. It is a warped and really freaky story. The fictional concept of unwinding is the process of donatingContinue reading “Organ Donation, Unwinding and the Black Market”