Book Review: Three Letter Plague

By now, followers of this blog will know that one book – a book about AIDS – prompted my medical career. Earlier this year, I met a dynamic young History professor, who recommended I read Three Letter Plague by Jonny Steinberg. Last week I finally read it. Sold as Sizwe’s Test in the USA, thisContinue reading “Book Review: Three Letter Plague”

Dad wants to see. I want him to, too.

This is my Dad’s retina. As written previously, he has Juvenile Macular Degeneration, Stargardt’s Disease. This causes degeneration of the macula fovea, which is basically the area of the retina with the highest concentration of cells for acute vision.

Treat Aggressive things Aggressively

I think we have established that I do not enjoy surgery very much. SolitaryDiner says that as a doctor you either lover surgery or you hate it – I can understand that. But despite my dislike of the insinuation that the scalpel should become a replacement for the rod of Asclepius, I believe people mustContinue reading “Treat Aggressive things Aggressively”

So what did you do for Mandela Day?

Tata Madiba turns 93 years old today. In honour of the many years he spent in service of South Africa and in fact all of humanity, 18 July is “Mandela Monday”. Citizens are asked to spend 67 minutes in service of their community – one minute for every year that Nelson Mandela worked for freedom,Continue reading “So what did you do for Mandela Day?”

To gain manhood, to risk life

This past week, the eighth known Eastern Cape Xhosa initiate passed away due to complications from ritual circumcision. The circumcision rituals, known as Ulwaluko, are traditional within the Xhosa culture (and many other African cultures). The ceremonies signify the passage from boy to manhood.