Doctors and Piercings: The Debate

I like piercings and tattoos. To a limit, of course. I could not imagine tattooing my arms from shoulder to sleeve. But that is just me. I am not about to make any judgments about you if you do. If someone used unsterile needles or lead paint, or took poor care of the raw piercingContinue reading “Doctors and Piercings: The Debate”

Dad wants to see. I want him to, too.

This is my Dad’s retina. As written previously, he has Juvenile Macular Degeneration, Stargardt’s Disease. This causes degeneration of the macula fovea, which is basically the area of the retina with the highest concentration of cells for acute vision.

Treat Aggressive things Aggressively

I think we have established that I do not enjoy surgery very much. SolitaryDiner says that as a doctor you either lover surgery or you hate it – I can understand that. But despite my dislike of the insinuation that the scalpel should become a replacement for the rod of Asclepius, I believe people mustContinue reading “Treat Aggressive things Aggressively”

When the Battlefield visits Hospital

My country has rogue soldiers and they live on the streets. They are young boys – boy soldiers. Child soldiers. They fight a fight started by politicians, historians, money. Not a fight started by themselves. Not a fight they entered voluntarily. My country has rogue soldiers and their war is on our doorstep.

The Need for a Good Physician

I recently heard of a man who started complaining of an incessant rushing in one of his ears. He complained to his general practitioner and continued to do so, but the doctor maintained that nothing was the matter. A few weeks ago he called his wife, saying that something was wrong and he needs toContinue reading “The Need for a Good Physician”

Humanity means nothing if it doesn’t involve the weak

I hate memorising things – even something as straightforward as the Glascow Coma Scale. Fortunately there are plenty opportunities for me to practise the important things in the clinical environment. The first time I had a patient with an obviously lower than 15/15 grading the patient was in her early fifties and referred from anContinue reading “Humanity means nothing if it doesn’t involve the weak”

In Memory of Fallen Colleagues

In the short while that I have been involved in healthcare, I have learnt that there is a sort of camaraderie among South African healthcare workers. They know what it is like working with only the most basic of drugs. They know night shifts with too many patients for too few beds. They know allContinue reading “In Memory of Fallen Colleagues”