My First Delivery

My clinical firm and I were on obstetrics call yesterday. We arrived at a Community Health Clinic (CHC) at 19:00. We had been at the clinic for the day shift, but were sent home since the B.Cur (Nursing) students have preference during the day. The night shift nurses were very nice. A 20 year oldContinue reading “My First Delivery”

Ambam: An extraordinary gorilla, but that is all.

Many people have seen Ambam the gorilla walking upright (if not, click here), and many have been suitably impressed by this unusual (but not the first ever) occurence. Some, however, have taken this one step further and claimed that Ambam could be the missing link between man and beast. [This is not an argument forContinue reading “Ambam: An extraordinary gorilla, but that is all.”

My Day in Obstetrics: Catching babies… or watching, at least

Before being allowed to commence the clinical rotations of our third year, my class has to witness three NVDs (normal vaginal deliveries). Today I went to a provincial hospital in the Eastern Cape for mine. The Eastern Cape is notorious for its poor administration, but medical students love working or shadowing here as it offersContinue reading “My Day in Obstetrics: Catching babies… or watching, at least”

When fate meddles with my profession

My friend was in an accident. It is not my story to tell and he would not appreciate me doing so, but it set me thinking. As medical students of the 21st century, we are drilled in several things that were not always considered as important. These are things like the interdisciplinary approaches and holisticContinue reading “When fate meddles with my profession”

My dramatic evening: a real-life medical emergency

Clinical Group arrived at Canal Walk (nice mall in Cape Town) at 21:00. We were going to have baklava (which I had been craving) and seafood. Ocean Basket was full; so onto the list went our names and a-walking we went. At about 21:30 we were heading back towards the restaurant when we passed aContinue reading “My dramatic evening: a real-life medical emergency”