Disability, Impairment, Handicap: Learning from the OTs

Some doctors have a “thing” against integrative management. Me? I love working with Occupational Therapists (which one day my baby sister hopes to be), Physiotherapists (or physio terrorists as they call themselves) and the many other allied health professionals. More about them later. During our current theory rotation we have had quite a number ofContinue reading “Disability, Impairment, Handicap: Learning from the OTs”

Another Abandoned Baby

Eight o’ clock in the morning and it is time to examine the little children before the nurses come around to feed them. I open the shabby cot of the first little child and start to examine him. Try to examine him. BABY: Waaaaaaaaah! ME: What’s the matter Baby? Just let me finish listening andContinue reading “Another Abandoned Baby”

Discussion with a Medical Oncologist

During a visit to Oncology…  On curing cancer: “People will tell you that cancer can’t be cured. But I’ll tell you this: Cancer is about the only disease that can be cured. By and large, most diseases are not cured, they are managed. And there is nothing wrong with that.

Surgery in the Wild

So, here is a little secret about my horrible little third year surgery experience: I never got to assist. I never got to cut. I never got to stitch. I think it was a combination of me having a poor attitude, me being too scared to ask, and the registrar being an arse. BUT myContinue reading “Surgery in the Wild”

First Psych Consult

At a recent community volunteer clinic, I had my first proper psych patient. I have dealt before with suicide attempts, but those were unconscious patients in casualty and thus did not present the opportunity for a consultation. This patient came for help herself – something I though was a good sign. Her affect was bluntedContinue reading “First Psych Consult”

We See a Light

As part of Infectious Diseases, we must learn about Syndromic Management. It is not the best approach for a qualified doctor, but it is important to understand – especially in a primary health care setup. During one of these tutorials, the doctor in charge made us close our books and asked us about our approachesContinue reading “We See a Light”