Neurosciences 371: The Beginning

Today was my second day of class for the year. I have not yet received my results from Friday’s exam – which was horrible, by the way – but I can’t very well not attend classes. We are doing Neurosciences 371 now. I have not yet learnt terribly much, but I think it will beContinue reading “Neurosciences 371: The Beginning”

An early birthday celebration

Tomorrow I return to Cape Town. It will be my birthday in two weeks, but since I cannot be with my family at the time, we celebrated my birthday today. I had my very first experience purchasing jewellery. Mom and Dad wanted to buy me something special, that I can keep for a very longContinue reading “An early birthday celebration”

Le Document pour MB.ChB.II

The inspiration for this document came during my second year while studying for an end-of-block test. At the same time, the then-first years were studying for Pathology, aided by “Le Document”. [If you are a Tygerberg Medical student and you don’t know Le Document, I really pity you.] Anyway, somewhere in this time period IContinue reading “Le Document pour MB.ChB.II”

Studying for one more 271-module…

I do not enjoy the Cardiovascular System. Which is a bit of a problem, seeing that I’ve been told The Boy’s father is one of the best paediatric cardiologists around. Pray he never sees this blog then. The problem is that the CVS is just not interesting. You may remember previous posts when I wasContinue reading “Studying for one more 271-module…”

Summer Jobs: A Necessary Evil

While Christmas shopping today I was recognised by some girls from my high school. It means a lot to me because I was kind of a someone in high school – often in the limelight and usually for a good reason – so university has sometimes made me feel small and invisible. Anyways, the girlsContinue reading “Summer Jobs: A Necessary Evil”

My Day in Obstetrics: Catching babies… or watching, at least

Before being allowed to commence the clinical rotations of our third year, my class has to witness three NVDs (normal vaginal deliveries). Today I went to a provincial hospital in the Eastern Cape for mine. The Eastern Cape is notorious for its poor administration, but medical students love working or shadowing here as it offersContinue reading “My Day in Obstetrics: Catching babies… or watching, at least”

An awesome video, some humerous insight into my exams

So I wrote Urogenital System on Friday and Reproductive System today and I think that I now know everything about urology, gynaecology, nephrology, genitalia, reproduction, neonates, genetics, pregnancy and breastfeeding. I have Endocrine System left on Friday and I am exhausted. My friend introduced me to “Amateur Transplants”. They are hilarious! Check out this video,Continue reading “An awesome video, some humerous insight into my exams”

Today I went to Parliament…

Today I went to the South African Parliament. The student governments from four Western Cape Universities were invited to participate in a discussion with the Committee for Higher Education (which in turn advises parliament and Blade Nzimande, Minister for Higher Education). The Parliamentary building is really beautiful. It has an air about it that stillContinue reading “Today I went to Parliament…”