Exam hell [well, hopefully not]

Tomorrow I start my end-of-year exams. My Schedule: 8 November: Introduction to Clinical Medicine 12 November: Urogenital System 16 November: Reproductive System 19 November: Endocrine System Then I just have Cardiovascular System to write at the beginning of January. I attended International Rotary Leadership Awards in Montreal, Canada, in June and couldn’t write the examContinue reading “Exam hell [well, hopefully not]”

First OSCE: done and dusted?

Today I had my first ever OSCE. That stands for “Objective Structured Clinical Examination” and is basically a practical exam for medical students. I don’t think I was this nervous for my final Matric exams. Of course I wasn’t, back then I was an A+ student.

Journal Flashback: 2009_03_30

I wrote this last year. It may well be one of the most honest journal entries I have ever done. Whether I still feel the same and my opinions on these facts, now… are inconsequential and a matter for another day: A country requires many more doctors than there are people who have a callingContinue reading “Journal Flashback: 2009_03_30”

Favourite Funnies

I don’t believe in using too many mnemonics or rhymes to remember things, as remembering the mnemonic in itself can be a difficult task. To work, it must either be very funny, very relevant, or very entrenched. Here are some of my favourites – some because they are hilarious and some simply because they work.Continue reading “Favourite Funnies”

Studying for exams: Reproductive System

Today I studied for my Reproductive System examination. Yes, I am trying very hard to take this studying-thing seriously. The more I study this system, the more I am scared of having children one day. Nevermind that, the more I fear my Obstetrics rotation which will happen next year. That is a bad thing, sinceContinue reading “Studying for exams: Reproductive System”

Endocrine System: When studying for the exam

Yesterday I studied for my Endocrine System exam. I have decided that I simply cannot have a supplementary exam in January as I need actually to have a holiday in the short time provided I won’t be able to take too many textbooks home with the airlines’ baggage allowances for domestic flights Endocrinology is supposedlyContinue reading “Endocrine System: When studying for the exam”

Introduction to Clinical Medicine: Presenting a patient

As part of continuous assessment for this module, we have to prepare and present a case to the Module Head. Due to my apparent silence in hospital rounds since everybody knows that I can actually speak in public, my wonderful clinical group (I do love them :P) informed me that I would be presenting ifContinue reading “Introduction to Clinical Medicine: Presenting a patient”