Happy New Year: A 25-Before-25 Update

Happy New Year, everybody. I’m not really posting resolutions, but I am updating about my 25 Before 25 project. I also have a few goals coming up in a Top Ten Tuesday post next week. Anyways, here are some updates on these “goals”. I’m only addressing some points that have something worth saying. You canContinue reading “Happy New Year: A 25-Before-25 Update”

25 Before 25: I Can Drive!

Dear Bloggy Friends: everyone has their embarrassing truth – sometimes more than one. One of my embarrassing realities is (WAS!) that I do not have a driver’s license. In my final year of high school, when I was old enough to test, I thought I was “too busy”. And I was pretty busy with allContinue reading “25 Before 25: I Can Drive!”

25 Before 25 (and 10 during Spring)

I was not planning to participate in today’s TTT, mostly because I’ve been staying away from TBR posts a lot recently. But I’ve been promising to post the books I want to read for #20 (read 25 books that I physically own), and I’m hoping to read a lot of them soon in any case.Continue reading “25 Before 25 (and 10 during Spring)”