Book Review: The Backwash of War

In 1915, Ellen N. La Motte arrived in Europe as one of the first American volunteer nurses to work in the field hospitals of World War 1. She was specialised as a Tuberculosis nurse, a keen observer and a writer unafraid of judgment. And she wrote. The Backwash of War: The Classic Account of aContinue reading “Book Review: The Backwash of War”

The Interns vs. The Student Interns

Editing this post for the sake of maturity and propriety. So, I had my Surgery OSCEs today. They were pretty awful and I am really just hoping for a pass, which I will hopefully improve in the upcoming exams. This rotation was even worse than the same rotation in third year. I have never beenContinue reading “The Interns vs. The Student Interns”

Treat Aggressive things Aggressively

I think we have established that I do not enjoy surgery very much. SolitaryDiner says that as a doctor you either lover surgery or you hate it – I can understand that. But despite my dislike of the insinuation that the scalpel should become a replacement for the rod of Asclepius, I believe people mustContinue reading “Treat Aggressive things Aggressively”

Surgery Woes

The day you start Med School, everyone tells you that it is nothing like Grey’s Anatomy. And when, two years later, you are finally unleashed upon the poor unsuspecting state patients, you realise: it’s exactly like Grey’s. Except, funnily enough…  in surgery. I finally made it to my third year abdominal surgery rotation. It isContinue reading “Surgery Woes”