Transplant Surgery in Sub-Saharan Africa

I have made no secret of my bad relationship with surgery. So why would I attend a meeting of a student surgical society, having just escaped the claws of my SI surgical rotation (passed the OSCEs, by the way!)? Three reasons: The hope that it will inspire me for exam preparation (fewer than five weeksContinue reading “Transplant Surgery in Sub-Saharan Africa”

[Guest] Elective Extravaganza: Rural Psychiatry in Kimberley and Lobatse

Kopano N. Mokale has just completed his fourth year of medical school at a South African university. He did his fourth year elective in Rural Psychiatry, something I thought was very brave and super interesting. I trust you will enjoy his story. As always, let me know if you’d like to share your Elective story.Continue reading “[Guest] Elective Extravaganza: Rural Psychiatry in Kimberley and Lobatse”

Books I Wish for this Christmas

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday is about our most anticipated 2014 releases, but I decided to jump a few weeks ahead and do the 24 December topic: Top Ten Books I Wouldn’t Mind Santa Bringing Me. Reasons being a) I’m not too phased about anticipating new releases because it takes a while to reach South Africa, usuallyContinue reading “Books I Wish for this Christmas”

Africa Needs More Books

I was walking through my home suburb (read:village) with my brother the other day. We went to the local library, sampled some books (slim pickings) and as we walked home, I asked about such-and-such a bookshop, and such-and-such a used bookshop. They were all closed down. Anyone wanting to purchase books needs to go toContinue reading “Africa Needs More Books”

TTT: Books for South African Teens

This week on Top Ten Tuesday with The Broke and The Bookish, the topic is Top Ten Books I’d Recommend to X Person. For my “person” I choose the average South African teen – young boys and girls of our country who grow up in difficult socio-economic circumstances. These are the books I’d recommend toContinue reading “TTT: Books for South African Teens”

Book Review: Philida by André P. Brink

In 1832 at the southernmost tip of Africa, slavery continues to toil a seemingly impossible battle. Slaves at the Cape work the vineyards, build their masters’ coffins, knit their winter-wear, raise children – and sometimes, when their owner’s wives can’t or won’t, they bear them children. Slaves are barefooted. Shoes are for free men. SlavesContinue reading “Book Review: Philida by André P. Brink”

TTT: Books for the Traveler

I am changing things just a little for today’s Top Ten Tuesday. The topic is Top Ten Books that feature TRAVELLING in some way. I’m choosing books that I think travelers would like. Whether you are traveling, have actively traveled, or dream about traveling, these books are all set in foreign countries and are great toContinue reading “TTT: Books for the Traveler”

Ten Things about Ghana

Five days in Ghana have come and gone. Now we are off to Morocco, and this voyage is drawing quickly to a close. Here are some memorable things about Ghana. 1. Warm people: It is incredible to see such big smiles. When hearing that I am from South Africa, I was invariably greeted with aContinue reading “Ten Things about Ghana”