Lessons from Anaesthesiology

I’ve been devoting three and a half loooong days to Anaesthesiology. It’s the big exam tomorrow. You might recall that I struggled a lot with this subject at the time of the class test. Well, I ended up doing pretty alright in that one. So the pressure is ON. As is my habit, I’ve managedContinue reading “Lessons from Anaesthesiology”


In my first year we had quite a difficult Pharmacology course. It was well-known to be the course most often failed by first years and we were freaking out. We asked one of the professors for advice, and in his distinct German accent he said this: It wasn’t really what we wanted to hear, butContinue reading “Ellemenopea”

A Gift for Sending People to Sleep

This is week 2 of our theoretical Anaesthesia block. I’ll admit I haven’t been attending much class. One reason is that I had a bad run-in with an Anaesthesia professor when dealing with student government business. And the other is that I’m really tired. But mostly, it’s that when I attend class I fall asleep.Continue reading “A Gift for Sending People to Sleep”