So Radiology Is Kinda Cool?

This week I am on a short radiology rotation. A lot of people really want me to declare Radiology as a specialisation. The income is ridiculously good compared to the workload and working conditions – even in public South African health care. With the growth of telehealth in South Africa, there are even excellent opportunitiesContinue reading “So Radiology Is Kinda Cool?”

Brain Cut: Fatal Fall?

We are privileged to have weekly tutorials from the only forensic brain pathologist in Africa. He is retiring soon – which is sad, because he is clearly a genius. He also teaches with passion, which seems rare in our field. Anyway, we had an interesting case during brain cut today. A 22-year-old man fell. TheContinue reading “Brain Cut: Fatal Fall?”

Not all babies grow up

I enjoyed obstetrics so much last year, not for the “miracle of new life”, but for the influence one might have. I keep thinking: There are 15 babies learning to walk in this province, and the first person to touch them, to see that they are perfect, was me. We performed an autopsy on aContinue reading “Not all babies grow up”

Learn by Colouring

[Yes, that is how I spell “colour”.] It takes a lot for me to sing praises to a textbook. It also takes a lot to get me to study anatomy. Anatomy usually contributes a neglible amount to our final marks. As it turns out, that our spot-test for Musculoskeletal System contributes 50% to the pre-clinicalContinue reading “Learn by Colouring”