Armchair BEA: Short Stories

Another day at Armchair BEA! Today we talk about short stories and novellas. For the longest time, short stories were just that random section of required reading in high school, but recently I came to love short stories. A well-compiled anthology can be so refreshing. I especially like reading short story collections during busy rotationsContinue reading “Armchair BEA: Short Stories”

Armchair BEA: More Than Just Words

I’m joining Armchair BEA for the first time this year by participating in a few¬†discussions. My dream is one day to attend the real deal… but till then, this will suffice. Today’s discussion is about books that are “more than just words”, and to this end I’m sharing three mini-reviews for books I recently receivedContinue reading “Armchair BEA: More Than Just Words”