Questions on Blogging for Readers Past/Present/Future

I started this blog exactly eight years ago, today.

Who I was then, and who I am now, has changed drastically, and often. I wrote as I stumbled my way through new clinical and life experiences. I wrote as my mental health peaked and plummeted. I wrote as my love for medicine died, and was reborn. The first community I found was that of book bloggers, but gradually, I found the medical bloggers, too.

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8th Annual End of Year Bookish Survey

I’m linking up with Jamie’s annual end of year bookish survey again this year.

I spent 11 months of this year without internet, so I’ve hardly reviewed any books, and posted about books rarely too. I also haven’t read much this year. It’s been a tough one. Jamie has a lot of questions, and I don’t have answers to them all, so I’ve actually left some of them out.

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I’m Writing Lists This November

I’m not doing NaNoWriMo this year.

I participated for the past two years and performed – well, kind of dismally. I could go on to diss the event for being unrealistic, but I know a lot of people write well during NaNo. Well, it isn’t for me. I do so want to finish one of my works in progress, but it’s not going to happen in a month, and most certainly not a November month.

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The Future of this Blog (and other record-keeping)

This is a scheduled post as I am currently camping! 😀

Over the past while I have had questions about the continued existence of this blog and I want to say right off the bat that I do not plan on closing up shop. I will probably change the name of the blog (the url will stay the same) and maybe at some point I’ll move to self-hosting, but all in all the blogging community has become so important for my sanity.

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Follow Friday: On The Other Side Of The Desk

I started blogging as a way of debriefing myself and in the process discovered a whole world of medical blogging. I have found mentors and colleagues all over the world, but I have also met people from the “other side”. I have gotten to know –  by means of what they choose to share with the world – people who sit on the other side of the physician’s desk. They have imparted knowledge and understanding that medical school could not, no matter how hard it tried.

Here are five blogs/twitters of people who unwittingly became my teachers – in no particular order.


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See Time Fly

I went back to my very first post on this blog today. It was on 14 October 2010 – more than two years ago.

Things were so different then. I was on the verge of completing probably the most difficult year of my medical school career – for various academic and personal reasons. I was about to start my foray into clinical skills, a welcome addition to what had at that point been mostly theoretical studies.

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TTT: Best Procrastination Sites

So for about five months I’ve been meme-ing along with The Broke and the Bookish on a weekly basis – and I had no idea there were so many book blogs out there.

This week, TBTB asks about the Top Ten Blogs or Sites we visit regularly that aren’t about books. I think I’m going to like this, because I will finally get to know a little more about the bloggers behind the TTTs.

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Emo Compliment

© Tim Burton

Was not going to post for some time. Blogging seems to be inhibiting my productivity. Like now, when I’m supposed to be in bed already since I need to be in hospital before 6am tomorrow.

Also, Internal Medicine is killing me. Our firm is crazy busy with way too few students and a whole lot of nonsense I can’t really go into right now. And some super-rude patients.

But during our Call last night, I made a comment to the registrar about how one patient’s daughter seems to fancy herself some kind of unofficial doctor. Which is true.

To which the reg responded (laughingly),

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