“Water, Water, Every Where”


I live in a water-scarce country on a water-scarce continent. I grew up with a little ditty, “Kinders moenie in die water mors nie, die ou mense wil dit drink” – “Children, don’t mess with water, the old people want to drink it”. Parts of my country has had water restrictions in the years that I have lived.

And yet, I have never really wanted for water. When I open a tap, there it is. Cold and ready to drink, albeit chlorinated. Cape Town has some of the cleanest drinking water in the world. I could run through sprinklers as a child. I could swim in swimming pools.

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Photo Friday: Vibrance

Calliope at Creating Motherhood posted a theme for this week’s “Photo Friday”. I don’t consider myself a photographer and my camera is a very basic one, but I have been thinking how it is important not to restrict my life to my course. So here goes this week’s theme: Vibrance.

Last year I went abroad for the first time – a superb opportunity.

In New York City I attended NYC Pride 2010, probably the most vibrant event I have ever attended:

The diversity and spirit at this event was astounding and quite apt in light of recent events in New York State.

© M. Puchert 2010

This was my favourite float at the parade.

© M. Puchert 2010

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Studying for one more 271-module…

I do not enjoy the Cardiovascular System. Which is a bit of a problem, seeing that I’ve been told The Boy’s father is one of the best paediatric cardiologists around. Pray he never sees this blog then.

The problem is that the CVS is just not interesting. You may remember previous posts when I was studying for previous exams – subjects that were a real struggle for me – but there were tonnes of interesting tid-bits. Cardio, not so much.

And that says a lot, coming from someone who, when she was younger, often thought she was dying of a heart attack or some arrhythmia.

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