Weekly Photo Challenge: Good Morning, Cape Town! [Guest]

The Boy is hijacking my blog for this week’s photo challenge. He’s recently shown a lot of interest in photography and naturally lives in one of the best places to try it out.   This picture was taken during an icy cold morning walk. The season is slowly turning to Spring, but the weather isContinue reading “Weekly Photo Challenge: Good Morning, Cape Town! [Guest]”

Weekly Photo Challenge: Sea

I grew up by the ocean. Feeling the sand under my nails and scrabbling as the water tried to swallow my sandcastles was second nature to me. In the late summer months, after-school activities meant going to the beach. I am glad I have never had to live inland, but I am convinced that myContinue reading “Weekly Photo Challenge: Sea”

The First Ballet: Thoughts

I did ballet as a little girl – briefly. I really wanted the tutus and the twirls, but the few lessons that I took had me so confused. What did the teacher mean, “pick the stars”? I continued to read ballet books (so many series and I can’t remember what they were called) and try toContinue reading “The First Ballet: Thoughts”

Green Landscapes

Linking up with The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge for today’s post. My favourite colour is green. I have never had a picture or a notebook or a set of revision notes without the colour. It breathes life for me, and I am fortunate to live in a country that has it abundantly.

Easter Away from Home

My family is big into family-stuff. I can’t say I have always been appreciative of that (I am often a grumpy, anti-establishment child), but I love my family. And there is nothing I love more than spending family-time with my family. Easter is such a family-holiday. And this year is the first time that IContinue reading “Easter Away from Home”