Clever Patients and Patient Education

During my two weeks in the Rural Western Cape, only two of my patients had finished high school. One was an elderly lady from a privileged background. It was shocking to see how low the literacy rates were in that little place and how that affected patient education. Medicine compliance, smoking cessation, family planning… it’sContinue reading “Clever Patients and Patient Education”

Great Frustrations: Patients who do not take Responsibility

The thing that bothers me the most is when patients allow a disease to progress so far that almost nothing can be done – especially when something could perhaps have been done. My surgery rotation has had numerous such cases. Once, during a night-time call, the most horrible, moist stench filled the entire corridor ofContinue reading “Great Frustrations: Patients who do not take Responsibility”

When the Battlefield visits Hospital

My country has rogue soldiers and they live on the streets. They are young boys – boy soldiers. Child soldiers. They fight a fight started by politicians, historians, money. Not a fight started by themselves. Not a fight they entered voluntarily. My country has rogue soldiers and their war is on our doorstep.

Rural Gems of the Western Cape

I don’t think I ever officially announced it here: my campaign for TSR chairperson 2011/2012 was successful. Yay! Anyway, it was the new TSR’s team building and planning camp this past weekend. We went to a farm near Greyton, a tiny village in the Overberg region.

Top Tips for Tygerberg Part I

Every year I get a substantial amount of queries from aspiring medical students regarding the school I attend. It is a prestigious university with some interesting factors at play, so it is wise for Matrics (high school seniors) to investigate their potential choices. They will be spending six years there, after all.


 Day 5: What do you prefer to do on your birthday? Birthdays are big in our family – as are Mothersdays, Fathersdays, and holidays like Christmas and Easter. We have learnt how fragile life is, even the youngest of us. In my Grade 12-year we lost so many family  members and friends that I seemedContinue reading “Birthday-thoughts”

Travels without mindset

Yesterday I went to a little place called Onrus, near Hermanus in the Western Cape, with some of my friends from student government. We were to meet the new first years to our faculty at their welcoming camp. After spending a few hours in the sun watching the “kids” play (we felt rather old), weContinue reading “Travels without mindset”

An early birthday celebration

Tomorrow I return to Cape Town. It will be my birthday in two weeks, but since I cannot be with my family at the time, we celebrated my birthday today. I had my very first experience purchasing jewellery. Mom and Dad wanted to buy me something special, that I can keep for a very longContinue reading “An early birthday celebration”

Studying for one more 271-module…

I do not enjoy the Cardiovascular System. Which is a bit of a problem, seeing that I’ve been told The Boy’s father is one of the best paediatric cardiologists around. Pray he never sees this blog then. The problem is that the CVS is just not interesting. You may remember previous posts when I wasContinue reading “Studying for one more 271-module…”