Africa Needs More Books

I was walking through my home suburb (read:village) with my brother the other day. We went to the local library, sampled some books (slim pickings) and as we walked home, I asked about such-and-such a bookshop, and such-and-such a used bookshop. They were all closed down. Anyone wanting to purchase books needs to go toContinue reading “Africa Needs More Books”

Eight Million Mosquitoes Can’t Be Wrong

Today is World Blood Donor Day. I’ll be the first to lament that every day is international some-or-other day, and that one should be aware of whatever-we-commemorate¬†everyday, but in my profession blood is worth more than gold. I’ve seen patients with severe anaemias improve dramatically after receiving blood. And I saw a patient die becauseContinue reading “Eight Million Mosquitoes Can’t Be Wrong”