Death of a Childhood Friend

The thing about Facebook is that it keeps you in contact with people who otherwise may long have been forgotten. My parents and grandparents had to work a lot harder to keep in touch with their school friends – for us, it’s the click of a button. My parents may only have heard of theContinue reading “Death of a Childhood Friend”

Things I Want: Infectious Plushies

Friday is my final final exam for fourth year. Exams have gone really well so far this year, but after this weekend’s news I guess my focus has been a little off.* Since I’m studying all sorts of horrid diseases, I figured I’d share something I want to get. Well, I certainly don’t want any ofContinue reading “Things I Want: Infectious Plushies”

Top Ten Books Not To Be Forgotten

For this week’s TTT, The Broke and the Bookish asks for the Top Ten “Older” Books You Don’t Want People To Forget About (you can define older however you wish. The point is to share books that could be forgotten about in the midst of all the new releases). This one makes me happy, because I am notContinue reading “Top Ten Books Not To Be Forgotten”

Roald Dahl Day: Splendiferous!

Today would have been Roald Dahl’s 96th birthday, and aptly today is World Roald Dahl Day. I have often waxed lyrical about Mr Dahl. His books had a massive influence on me ever since I first read them without my front teeth. In honour of this day, I am posting an excerpt from my RoaldContinue reading “Roald Dahl Day: Splendiferous!”

Raindrops on Roses and Whiskers on Kittens

I’m joining up with Post-a-Day’s weekly writing challenge this week and writing about “a few of my favourite things.” Moving 1000km for university was hard. Years I later I learned the term ADJUSTMENT DISORDER and knew, that was what I had. Luggage restrictions restricted what I could carry from home to my new room. MostlyContinue reading “Raindrops on Roses and Whiskers on Kittens”

TTT: “Don’t You Remember?” and an OUreadathon Update

Books have always had a massive influence on my life, and I sometimes wonder if I hated my first three years of university so much because I forgot to read. In truth, I have difficulty understanding how people could not enjoy reading, but… I try my best not to be judgmental. Because I am full ofContinue reading “TTT: “Don’t You Remember?” and an OUreadathon Update”

Brain Space?

On a bit of a tangent, you know when people say that humans only utilise 10% of their brains, and Einstein used more, and we can reach so much more if only we tried? Well most of it (except for the last part) is hogwash. We use all of our brains, to different extents, butContinue reading “Brain Space?”

Things my Mother Taught Me

1. There are more important things than chocolate: My earliest Mother’s Day memory is those chocolates we ordered at school… I didn’t know they were supposed to be gifts! They were so pretty and since they got sent home with me, four-year-old Me thought it was mine. And Mom gracefully let me have them. I would haveContinue reading “Things my Mother Taught Me”