Book Review: Marked in Your Flesh by Leonard B. Glick

One of the key lessons I learned from a young age was not to insult others’ cultures. Which, let’s be honest, is a pretty vital lesson, and was especially useful growing up in post-94 South Africa. One learns quickly that culture is an untouchable, and if you don’t understand it, the problem lies with youContinue reading “Book Review: Marked in Your Flesh by Leonard B. Glick”

A Botched Circumcision

Disclaimer: This post has no disturbing images, but may be uncomfortable to the sensitive reader. It was my first day of Urology and I was sitting in on a colleague’s examination of a young man in obvious pain. I had missed the history-taking, and wondered why he was walking so tenderly and carefully to theContinue reading “A Botched Circumcision”

Male Medical Circumcision in Rural South Africa

Last year, I wrote about traditional circumcision and the dangers thereof. The government has started an MMC-drive. MMC = Male Medical Circumcision. Non-traditional circumcision has its own benefits such as HIV-prevention, STI-prevention and apparently hygienic benefits too. The goal is also to have traditional circumcisions performed in hospital, where health care workers are trained inContinue reading “Male Medical Circumcision in Rural South Africa”

To gain manhood, to risk life

This past week, the eighth known Eastern Cape Xhosa initiate passed away due to complications from ritual circumcision. The circumcision rituals, known as Ulwaluko, are traditional within the Xhosa culture (and many other African cultures). The ceremonies signify the passage from boy to manhood.