To White Coat or Not To White Coat

In South Africa, two groups of people wear the white medical coat as a rule: medical students and old-school professors.

In fact, at my medical school, you celebrated your induction into student internship by getting to throw the white coat into the back of your cupboard. So the last time I wore a white coat was in the middle of my fifth year – two years ago.

Thing is, I’m a little over having to pick an outfit every morning.

Doctors and Piercings: Two Years Later

Just over two years ago, I had my nose pierced. It was the end of my third year of medical school, and I preceded my action by seeking advice from many people – I spoke to my family, mentors and other students, and I posted this and this. I never did post that I gotContinue reading “Doctors and Piercings: Two Years Later”