Weekly Whine: Med School Comptetition

If you look around this blog, you’ll notice that I consider myself to be an average medical student (when it comes to academics, in anyway). Clearly, that wasn’t always the case. To gain entrance to this course, students must have exceptional academic and non-academic merit.

Ode to a Great GP

Med School is tough. It makes you feel like an idiot. The consultants don’t help much. They seem to forget that we are here to learn first, and only later to be examined. So for Family Medicine, I expected to be supervised by a specialist family physician. Instead, we were one of the few groupsContinue reading “Ode to a Great GP”

Lessons for Medical School

Today, hordes of brand new First Years arrive on our campus. Wild-eyed and bushy-tailed, I wonder if they hear the seniors murmuring, “Run now, while you still can.” It was not too long ago that I was there… three years ago, I was a scared little kid, stepping into a world where the maturing processContinue reading “Lessons for Medical School”

“Interviewing” our Forensic Pathologist

The Forensic Pathologist in charge of our clinical group these past two weeks was one of the best doctors that has worked with us. She gave us confidence and got us to such a point that we were willing to ask questions. We asked her why she decided to go into this field, and sheContinue reading ““Interviewing” our Forensic Pathologist”

A Tainted World

My world changed overnight. Not that it was peaceful before. Oh, there was fear. There were statistics. There were the horror stories, and my own family’s horror story of loss. But my world became scarier now. There is danger everywhere. Even the benign is two-faced. My world has become one where jealous boyfriends stab littleContinue reading “A Tainted World”

The Thing About Kiwis

The amazing thing about kiwi fruit is that they do not resemble any part of the human anatomy, whether dead or alive. I though Forensic Pathology would be relatively easy, considering I had survived two years of cadaver dissection without queasiness. But the thing about forensics is that it doesn’t smell like formalin. We hadContinue reading “The Thing About Kiwis”

One day, when I grow up…

Day 25 of Calliope’s blogosphere summer camp was: What did you want to be when you grew up? Why and/or how did that change over time? I really wanted to write for that day, but things have been rather crazy back on campus. So I shall be answering it now. I was one of thoseContinue reading “One day, when I grow up…”

A Reason I Love My Clinical Group*

Me: Y’all have to be nice to me. I have the Apley’s**. Guy 2: We have a better textbook. Me: Which one? Guy 1: Apples Me: That’s not a textbook. And I prefer naartjies. Guy 1: It is. An apple a day keeps the doctor in. * I sincerely hope you find this as hilariousContinue reading “A Reason I Love My Clinical Group*”

Answers to Misguided Questions

WordPress has this wonderful little thing called STATS. Recently I amused myself by viewing all the search terms that has brought readers to this blog. This one goes out to all the poor misguided souls who Googled something, landed up here and still did not get their answers. I apologise profusely.