My Day in Obstetrics: Catching babies… or watching, at least

Before being allowed to commence the clinical rotations of our third year, my class has to witness three NVDs (normal vaginal deliveries). Today I went to a provincial hospital in the Eastern Cape for mine. The Eastern Cape is notorious for its poor administration, but medical students love working or shadowing here as it offersContinue reading “My Day in Obstetrics: Catching babies… or watching, at least”

An awesome video, some humerous insight into my exams

So I wrote Urogenital System on Friday and Reproductive System today and I think that I now know everything about urology, gynaecology, nephrology, genitalia, reproduction, neonates, genetics, pregnancy and breastfeeding. I have Endocrine System left on Friday and I am exhausted. My friend introduced me to “Amateur Transplants”. They are hilarious! Check out this video,Continue reading “An awesome video, some humerous insight into my exams”

Exam hell [well, hopefully not]

Tomorrow I start my end-of-year exams. My Schedule: 8 November: Introduction to Clinical Medicine 12 November: Urogenital System 16 November: Reproductive System 19 November: Endocrine System Then I just have Cardiovascular System to write at the beginning of January. I attended International Rotary Leadership Awards in Montreal, Canada, in June and couldn’t write the examContinue reading “Exam hell [well, hopefully not]”

First OSCE: done and dusted?

Today I had my first ever OSCE. That stands for “Objective Structured Clinical Examination” and is basically a practical exam for medical students. I don’t think I was this nervous for my final Matric exams. Of course I wasn’t, back then I was an A+ student.

Journal Flashback: 2009_03_30

I wrote this last year. It may well be one of the most honest journal entries I have ever done. Whether I still feel the same and my opinions on these facts, now… are inconsequential and a matter for another day: A country requires many more doctors than there are people who have a callingContinue reading “Journal Flashback: 2009_03_30”

Favourite Funnies

I don’t believe in using too many mnemonics or rhymes to remember things, as remembering the mnemonic in itself can be a difficult task. To work, it must either be very funny, very relevant, or very entrenched. Here are some of my favourites – some because they are hilarious and some simply because they work.Continue reading “Favourite Funnies”

How to tell you study medicine

Some of these are my own, some are my friends’, others have come from the internet. All of them are a reflection of being a medical student. Enjoy, laugh, and feel free to add some more below. 🙂 1.When you look at a person on the beach, the first thing you notice is their appendectomyContinue reading “How to tell you study medicine”