Brain Space?

On a bit of a tangent, you know when people say that humans only utilise 10% of their brains, and Einstein used more, and we can reach so much more if only we tried? Well most of it (except for the last part) is hogwash. We use all of our brains, to different extents, butContinue reading “Brain Space?”

Define: Specialist

At Cape Town Book Fair I attended a forum discussion on making knowledge and research results more accessible to students and the general public, breaking down the “Ivory Tower” so to speak. Remember how often I’ve written about that annoying research jargon? Yep! The panel chairperson was journalist Karabo Kgoleng. This graphic is inspired byContinue reading “Define: Specialist”

Eight Million Mosquitoes Can’t Be Wrong

Today is World Blood Donor Day. I’ll be the first to lament that every day is international some-or-other day, and that one should be aware of whatever-we-commemorate everyday, but in my profession blood is worth more than gold. I’ve seen patients with severe anaemias improve dramatically after receiving blood. And I saw a patient die becauseContinue reading “Eight Million Mosquitoes Can’t Be Wrong”

Photo Friday: Skeletal Humour

In 2010 I shared this picture via Youth Journalism International of a skeleton in our faculty dressed up for the Fifa World Cup. (Click the link and scroll down to the middle-left.) Today we had a rather long clinical skills session for our anaesthesiology block. This little guy met us there. I laughed:

Book Review: Orchid

As a rule, I do not review non-medical books on this blog, unless it forms part of a Top Ten Tuesday. However, since my recent discovery of the myriad of book blogs, Goodreads and the ability to read while maintaining my schedule has led to me rather bravely attempting a bookish challenge, I have decidedContinue reading “Book Review: Orchid”

TTT: Best Procrastination Sites

So for about five months I’ve been meme-ing along with The Broke and the Bookish on a weekly basis – and I had no idea there were so many book blogs out there. This week, TBTB asks about the Top Ten Blogs or Sites we visit regularly that aren’t about books. I think I’m going to like this, becauseContinue reading “TTT: Best Procrastination Sites”