A Botched Circumcision

Disclaimer: This post has no disturbing images, but may be uncomfortable to the sensitive reader. It was my first day of Urology and I was sitting in on a colleague’s examination of a young man in obvious pain. I had missed the history-taking, and wondered why he was walking so tenderly and carefully to theContinue reading “A Botched Circumcision”

Weekly Photo Challenge: Culture

Two photo posts in a row! This week’s photo challenge with The Daily Post is about culture. YAY! I have seen a LOT of that these past four months. The most beautiful thing about culture and travel is not just learning to celebrate differences… but learning to appreciate what makes us the same. There wasContinue reading “Weekly Photo Challenge: Culture”

Soundtrack for a Week in India

The Daily Post’s prompt today is to put together a soundtrack of five songs to explain the past week. I’ve had an amazing day and I’m far too excited to sleep so I figured this was a worthwhile pursuit. Jai Ho by Sukhvinder Sing et al – because we have been in INDIA this week!Continue reading “Soundtrack for a Week in India”

Singapore’s Healing Garden

On a hot and humid day in Singapore, I visited the Botanical Gardens (entrance free, and beautiful) and found myself in the “Healing Garden”. Presented here are various plants and flowers appreciated for more than their aesthetic worth – plants that have been used for a myriad of complaints and purposes.

Scaring Kiddies… Unintentionally

When I rotated through Paediatric Oncology during my elective, I had some trouble. Remember how I wrote about the incredibly late detection of tumours – well, that is largely due to the fact that the Eastern Cape has a large rural population. Also, a lot of these children are first taken to traditional healers andContinue reading “Scaring Kiddies… Unintentionally”

Book Review: Half the Sky by Kristof & WuDunn

When Mao Zedong uttered, “Women hold up half the sky”, he ushered in a new age for China. Arguably, when China moved towards utlising their entire population by empowering women, they moved towards the economic powerhouse they are today. In Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide, Pulitzer prize-winning couple Nicholas D.Continue reading “Book Review: Half the Sky by Kristof & WuDunn”

World AIDS Day 2012: Getting to Zero

Today is World AIDS Day. If you have been following this blog, you will know that HIV/AIDS forms a very big part of my daily work, and that I am passionate about finding solutions to this multifaceted problem (because it’s about more than just a cure). You can click here to see my previous postsContinue reading “World AIDS Day 2012: Getting to Zero”

College, Dorms and Culture

It’s that time of the year… I refer to it as the month our campus has its period. Elections and competitions abound, while exams are around the corner (Southern hemisphere, remember). My favourite part of this month – perhaps my favourite of the entire year – is “Sêr”. Sêr comes from “serenade”, and is basically aContinue reading “College, Dorms and Culture”