Pouring My Heart Out About Birthing Plans

I’m not going to whine today. I’m not even going to be diplomatic. Because I’m annoyed. Because I believe in the rights of the patient, and because I love obstetrics and neonatology I’ve been reading a lot of blogs where women share their birth stories. And a lot of them write about how they feltContinue reading “Pouring My Heart Out About Birthing Plans”

Delivering the Children of Positive Patients

In medicine, every single patient potentially has HIV.  You can run tests, but the chance remains that your patient could be in the window period. So you don’t know. And your patient may tell you that she doesn’t sleep around, has a faithful partner (who has also been tested), has never been raped and never,Continue reading “Delivering the Children of Positive Patients”

Why super-specialists should have compulsory clinic duty

We were on call again last night. The CHC was going through a quiet patch (the last delivery had been just past 01:00) and my friends and I were sitting in the students’ room eating cookies, scaring ourselves by looking at all the additives and making silly jokes that are only really funny when youContinue reading “Why super-specialists should have compulsory clinic duty”

My First Delivery

My clinical firm and I were on obstetrics call yesterday. We arrived at a Community Health Clinic (CHC) at 19:00. We had been at the clinic for the day shift, but were sent home since the B.Cur (Nursing) students have preference during the day. The night shift nurses were very nice. A 20 year oldContinue reading “My First Delivery”