Ten Reasons I Love Audiobooks

I only started listening to audiobooks two years ago. I’m pretty easy-going when it comes to books: while print will always be my first love, I’m not the type to scorn ebooks and audiobooks. Reading is reading, and I love it! That said, there are some reasons I have grown to love audiobooks:

How To Run A Clinic Without A Voice

When I was asked by Figure 1 which one piece of medical equipment I valued above all others, I said “my hearing”. We were taught from the very beginning that a good history was our first step to an accurate diagnosis, and I have always valued a physician who LISTENS: to their patients, their students, their allies and their contemporaries.

Land of the Disability Grant

I won’t be one of the voices that claims that social grants are inherently bad, because I certainly agree that they have their place. But I know that MANY doctors around the country do fill out Disability Grant applications for patients who don’t qualify for them, and many patients have come to expect that. I don’t entirely blame them.

“Where deaf children learn to speak”

As part of our Otorhinolaryngology rotation (easier name: ENT) we spent a morning at the Carel du Toit Centre (“where deaf children learn to speak”). I had been to one of their satellite centres before, as a volunteer in high school, and I never cease to be amazed by their work.

Follow Friday: On The Other Side Of The Desk

I started blogging as a way of debriefing myself and in the process discovered a whole world of medical blogging. I have found mentors and colleagues all over the world, but I have also met people from the “other side”. I have gotten to know – ¬†by means of what they¬†choose to share with theContinue reading “Follow Friday: On The Other Side Of The Desk”

Medical Monday: Disabled in Vietnam

In my Semester at Sea reflections, I return often to Vietnam. I think it was the first country to shock me, well and truly. It was not very easy to make my SAS experience medically-oriented, and I had to do a lot of hard work to learn about medicine in various countries. Vietnam was theContinue reading “Medical Monday: Disabled in Vietnam”

Disability, Impairment, Handicap: Learning from the OTs

Some doctors have a “thing” against integrative management. Me? I love working with Occupational Therapists (which one day my baby sister hopes to be), Physiotherapists (or physio terrorists as they call themselves) and the many other allied health professionals. More about them later. During our current theory rotation we have had quite a number ofContinue reading “Disability, Impairment, Handicap: Learning from the OTs”