Geeking Out About Lungs

I stood transfixed, with my finger deep in the girl’s chest. She was breathing easier now. With every breath, I felt soft, spongy lung tissue expand against my finger. How incredible is that, I thought. Perfect lungs doing their job. Almost ruined by the knife of a callous boyfriend. I had been slow on theContinue reading “Geeking Out About Lungs”

Auf Wiedersehen, Orthopaedics

How hard were these past two months? Together with one other intern, I looked after a firm of up to eighty patients. We did ward rounds with our senior colleagues only once a week. The rest of the time it was up to us to manage our patients and keep them alive (and know when to call for help).

To White Coat or Not To White Coat

In South Africa, two groups of people wear the white medical coat as a rule: medical students and old-school professors.

In fact, at my medical school, you celebrated your induction into student internship by getting to throw the white coat into the back of your cupboard. So the last time I wore a white coat was in the middle of my fifth year – two years ago.

Thing is, I’m a little over having to pick an outfit every morning.

How To Run A Clinic Without A Voice

When I was asked by Figure 1 which one piece of medical equipment I valued above all others, I said “my hearing”. We were taught from the very beginning that a good history was our first step to an accurate diagnosis, and I have always valued a physician who LISTENS: to their patients, their students, their allies and their contemporaries.