Lunch Posts: Lunch at Rural Hospital

The food trolley with the squeaky wheel arrives in the Outpatients’ Department. It is laden with with warm cling-wrapped food. Rice, pumpkin, beans, and on a good day, some meat.

Surreptitiously a lull descends over OPD. You know you are really hungry when hospital food looks appetising.

Doctors conclude their current consultations and walk to their homes, scattered around the hospital grounds.

Taxi drivers at the rank – right next to the hospital – lean back in their seats, drawing peak caps over their eyes. Goats continue their conquest of the hospital grass. Geese hiss at passersby. Babies suckle noisily while their mothers stretch out on a patch of grass outside the hospital. Women with makeshift stalls sell snacks and cheap cooldrinks.

The woman who lives in the caravan across from the hospital starts up her gas fire. The child on her back waves at me, as he always does.

It is an infernally hot day. In the quiet, the community readies itself for the second half.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Good Morning, Cape Town! [Guest]

The Boy is hijacking my blog for this week’s photo challenge. He’s recently shown a lot of interest in photography and naturally lives in one of the best places to try it out.

TableMountainMistyBlog (1)


This picture was taken during an icy cold morning walk. The season is slowly turning to Spring, but the weather is still uncertain.

Click the image to be taken to his public portfolio. I quite like his sunset photos too.

For the Children with Specs

“Can you read the top letter?” I ask the six-year-old with the massive specs.

“That’s a number eight!” she exclaims, visibly proud. Or maybe relieved.

After a few more lines, she falters.

“six… no, five- threeeee… uhm…”

“Read it.” Says the voice in the corner. Her mother. “You can read. Don’t let the white doctor think you’re stupid!” Continue reading “For the Children with Specs”

Weekly Photo Challenge: Sea

I grew up by the ocean. Feeling the sand under my nails and scrabbling as the water tried to swallow my sandcastles was second nature to me. In the late summer months, after-school activities meant going to the beach. I am glad I have never had to live inland, but I am convinced that my first year at university was so difficult because I was thirty minutes from the nearest beach with no transport to get there. These days I spend every weekend by the sea with The Boy, and recently I spent almost four months living on the sea. So, love is not the right word for how I feel about the sea. It is more like, LIFE. Here are just a few of my favourite “sea” pictures.

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P.S: click here for some photo’s of Cape Town seas during the Super Moon – it is not called the Cape of Storms for nothing!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Escape

DSCN4360 (2000x1500)

I took this picture at Elmina Castle in Cape Coast, Ghana, during my visit there with Semester at Sea in April this year. We learned about the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade in high school history class, and it was incredibly educational to visit this castle in the flesh. It was harrowing too. What a dark time in human history this was. I could almost feel the desperate yearning for escape that those in the slave trade must have felt – and very few of them would ever escape alive.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Culture

Two photo posts in a row! This week’s photo challenge with The Daily Post is about culture. YAY! I have seen a LOT of that these past four months.

The most beautiful thing about culture and travel is not just learning to celebrate differences… but learning to appreciate what makes us the same. There was not a single country where I did not hear Gangnam style, or see children kicking a soccer ball. But I love what makes us different too: variety, and all that. Here are some pictures taken over the past few months in some of the countries we visited. Enjoy!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Up

This week’s photo challenge (which expires soon!) with The Daily Post is titled “Up”. [Let the record state that I love that movie.]

I have been sailing around the world for 106 days. Today we disembarked the ship. I feel that in these 106 days, I have looked to the sky more often than not. But today, I shall include two pictures only of our most recent port, Morocco. I loved this country, and almost got a crick in my neck from looking around so much.

DSCN4504 (2000x1500)

Above: The view of Marrakech as seen from the rooftop of our riad. Continue reading “Weekly Photo Challenge: Up”

Weekly Photo Challenge: Sailing to the Future

This week’s weekly photo challenge with The Daily Post looks to the future. In my immediate future is touching on home base! In fact, right now we are sailing past the East Coast of South Africa, and just a few hours I was giddily staring at the lights of Durban’s coastline. I even have cell phone reception! But it is night time, so I do not have a decent photo to offer of that, at this point.

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