Things Driving Taught Me About Medicine (And Vice Versa)

I don’t know if driving would have held such significance for me had I learned at seventeen, like normal South African kids, but here I am, thinking about this quite a lot more than is probably normal. And since the other big part of my daily life is medicine, my wacky brain has started to find similarities between the two.

Ten Things I’d Like To Say To Capetonian Drivers

Due to my lack of foresight (or bravery), I haven’t had my driver’s license for very long, and I would never claim to be a fantastic driver. But I can drive, and I abide by the road rules (usually…) and I do have a bit of road rage. As in, I like shouting into theContinue reading “Ten Things I’d Like To Say To Capetonian Drivers”

25 Before 25: I Can Drive!

Dear Bloggy Friends: everyone has their embarrassing truth – sometimes more than one. One of my embarrassing realities is (WAS!) that I do not have a driver’s license. In my final year of high school, when I was old enough to test, I thought I was “too busy”. And I was pretty busy with allContinue reading “25 Before 25: I Can Drive!”