Africa Needs More Books

I was walking through my home suburb (read:village) with my brother the other day. We went to the local library, sampled some books (slim pickings) and as we walked home, I asked about such-and-such a bookshop, and such-and-such a used bookshop. They were all closed down. Anyone wanting to purchase books needs to go toContinue reading “Africa Needs More Books”

TTT: Comparative Reading

In February this year, Lisa Bu gave one of the best TedTalks I’ve ever seen. (Spoiler: It’s bookish – watch it!) She talks about comparative reading, in other words reading two books together for better insight. Here is my list of contemporary books that I think should be read with required school reading. But first,Continue reading “TTT: Comparative Reading”

You Are Going To Be A Terrible Doctor

The further you get in medical school, the more horror stories you hear about students who are told by professors – sometimes in ward rounds, sometimes during exams – that they will “never be a good doctor”. I have never been told that, if only because they know that with my political background, I willContinue reading “You Are Going To Be A Terrible Doctor”

Why Formative And Transformative Learning Are Not Wastes Of Time

I have been meaning to write this post for some time, I just did not know how to word it. I still don’t, really. On this blog I have often ranted about people who think that medicine is simply medicine. Because it is not. Medicine is so much more than just the science, the anatomy, theContinue reading “Why Formative And Transformative Learning Are Not Wastes Of Time”

Hope for the Medical Community

The medical world is small, and like any small community it has its inherent problems. Piss someone important off and you can find doors closed in your face all over the world. Those born into the medical world often seem to have an advantage over the First Generations. Know the right people and you’ve gotContinue reading “Hope for the Medical Community”

Med School Acceptance: The war before the war

By now, most school-leavers in South Africa have settled their plans for next year – that is to say, the majority of kids who will start their first year of MB.ChB. (Bachelor’s of Medicine and Bachelor’s of Surgery) next year, now know – and I’m sure they are very excited (and congrats to all ofContinue reading “Med School Acceptance: The war before the war”

War Stories: OSCEs

Did I ever tell you about the paediatric OSCE that went horribly wrong? I think I might have alluded to it once or twice. The Paeds Rotation is possibly the scariest rotation at our school – stories abound of students who passed their final year rotations with honours, but had to repeat Paediatrics. So weContinue reading “War Stories: OSCEs”