Women in Medicine: Maria Montessori

The Google -doodle (I love that thing) informs me that today is would have been Maria Montessori’s 142nd birthday. I have visited some Montessori schools in South Africa, but I’m not well acquainted with the life of Ms Montessori. Lo and behold, it turns out that Montessori was first and foremost a medical doctor, andContinue reading “Women in Medicine: Maria Montessori”

An Author’s Take on the Youth

I didn’t post anything for South Africa’s Youth Day on 16 June. It wasn’t because of my presence at Cape Town Book Fair (although partly so), and it wasn’t because I was annoyed with how this day of remembrance has become politicised – although that certainly played a large part. I feel passionate about theContinue reading “An Author’s Take on the Youth”

There Was This Boy: Your Future Matters

A few times every year I see on Facebook, blogs and Twitter how high school students consider their options for life after school.  There was this boy I dated in high school. He was not a genius, but he performed as an above-average student. He did well in Maths, Science and Biology. He was goodContinue reading “There Was This Boy: Your Future Matters”

Clever Patients and Patient Education

During my two weeks in the Rural Western Cape, only two of my patients had finished high school. One was an elderly lady from a privileged background. It was shocking to see how low the literacy rates were in that little place and how that affected patient education. Medicine compliance, smoking cessation, family planning… it’sContinue reading “Clever Patients and Patient Education”