Why I Won’t Specialise in Surgery: Reason #143

I don’t think there are really that many reasons, but this is one of them. I actually referred to a forceps as “scissors” on call the other night, and had a trauma surgeon look at me with great concern. What? If it has handles like scissors it is a scissors, done. Also it was threeContinue reading “Why I Won’t Specialise in Surgery: Reason #143”

Eight Million Mosquitoes Can’t Be Wrong

Today is World Blood Donor Day. I’ll be the first to lament that every day is international some-or-other day, and that one should be aware of whatever-we-commemorate¬†everyday, but in my profession blood is worth more than gold. I’ve seen patients with severe anaemias improve dramatically after receiving blood. And I saw a patient die becauseContinue reading “Eight Million Mosquitoes Can’t Be Wrong”

I’ve Got To Know…

If you have hurt your toe, and it is painful but clearly not displaced, not bleeding and not going to fall off… Would you present yourself to a busy casualty on the weekend? Knowing that the doctor probably will not be able to do anything for you anyways? Knowing that there will be raucous, drunkContinue reading “I’ve Got To Know…”

My dramatic evening: a real-life medical emergency

Clinical Group arrived at Canal Walk (nice mall in Cape Town) at 21:00. We were going to have baklava (which I had been craving) and seafood. Ocean Basket was full; so onto the list went our names and a-walking we went. At about 21:30 we were heading back towards the restaurant when we passed aContinue reading “My dramatic evening: a real-life medical emergency”