Midnight Inspiration: Dystopia

Our ophthalmology rotation ends today, and we have a theoretical exam as well as a viva voce exam. A week of migraines necessitated an all-nighter, and naturally, this was what my brain fixated on: Books taught me about dystopias first: “An imagined place or state in which everything is unpleasant or bad, typically a totalitarianContinue reading “Midnight Inspiration: Dystopia”

The Nerd in its Natural Habitat

You saw it here first: this video clip was made by my sister’s boyfriend while she was studying for her final high school exams about a year ago (he was apparently doing the “moral support” thing, and got bored). I think it is outrageously hilarious – I hope you think so too. Turn on EnglishContinue reading “The Nerd in its Natural Habitat”

War Stories: OSCEs

Did I ever tell you about the paediatric OSCE that went horribly wrong? I think I might have alluded to it once or twice. The Paeds Rotation is possibly the scariest rotation at our school – stories abound of students who passed their final year rotations with honours, but had to repeat Paediatrics. So weContinue reading “War Stories: OSCEs”

Exams are OVER, and I’m Lucky

Fourth Year exams are over now. The academic year is not quite over yet – I have an elective ahead of me – but still, it’s practically summer. Yay! Friday’s exam wasn’t great. Which is sad, because the others went okay, and I was hoping for a winning streak. Oh well. We’ll see what happensContinue reading “Exams are OVER, and I’m Lucky”

Things I Want: Infectious Plushies

Friday is my¬†final final exam for fourth year. Exams have gone really well so far this year, but after this weekend’s news I guess my focus has been a little off.* Since I’m studying all sorts of horrid diseases, I figured I’d share something I want to get. Well, I certainly don’t want any ofContinue reading “Things I Want: Infectious Plushies”

Forensics Study Break: Mellanby Effect

How is it that I perform better at Anaesthetics and Infectious Diseases than at Forensic Pathology? It was a short two-week module and by all accounts my class should have done well., but our average was dismal. It must be the completely unappetising subject-matter. You’ll remember that I found the practical rotation rather difficult. StudyingContinue reading “Forensics Study Break: Mellanby Effect”

Lessons from Anaesthesiology

I’ve been devoting three and a half loooong days to Anaesthesiology. It’s the big exam tomorrow. You might recall that I struggled a lot with this subject at the time of the class test. Well, I ended up doing pretty alright in that one. So the pressure is ON. As is my habit, I’ve managedContinue reading “Lessons from Anaesthesiology”

The Day I Cried in Hospital

Yesterday was a bad day. It’s been a bad couple of weeks, emotionally; me being weaker than I ever thought I could be. I’ve been able to retain my composure mostly. However, during ward rounds our consultant looked up disinterestedly while I was presenting a rather interesting patient and said, “Today is your last day,Continue reading “The Day I Cried in Hospital”