An Audio Treat in Afrikaans

As a little girl, my dad created a special story and character with which to entertain me at bedtime. Her name was Lientjie (pronounced “Linky”) and she was a “cheerful butterfly”. As you may recall, my dad is visually impaired, so bedtime stories were told (often of his own invention, as is this one) and not read.

Stories from the Paeds Slate

Anaesthesiology is hard, guys. And paediatric anaesthesia even more so. But I really like my days on the Paeds Slate because the theater is out-of-this-world amazing. Everything is in stock (well, mostly) and the nurses are out-of-this-world competent and everything is just nice. We gassed for a simple inguinal hernia repair and did a caudalContinue reading “Stories from the Paeds Slate”

For Mother’s Day: A Rural Story of a Mother’s Love

I have amazing women in my life – a wonderful mother, grandmother and aunts. I have written about them before, so this Mother’s Day I am sharing a story I have told them, and I know they won’t mind it as a tribute to all mothers. My rural Family Medicine rotation earlier this year wasContinue reading “For Mother’s Day: A Rural Story of a Mother’s Love”

The Nerd in its Natural Habitat

You saw it here first: this video clip was made by my sister’s boyfriend while she was studying for her final high school exams about a year ago (he was apparently doing the “moral support” thing, and got bored). I think it is outrageously hilarious – I hope you think so too. Turn on EnglishContinue reading “The Nerd in its Natural Habitat”

Before Television

On a ward round, the surgeon is explaining why in certain situations, an absent family history may not be relevant (for example, in adopted patients or small families). He questions the elderly patient: DOCTOR: Sir, how many brothers and sisters do you have? PATIENT: counts on fingers Ten, Doctor. DOCTOR: Ten siblings! PATIENT: Yes, doctor. ThoseContinue reading “Before Television”

In honour of the newbies

Today, my little sister moves into her new residence for her first university year. Our parents will be helping with the move, and I know it will be a difficult day for them all. I wish I was there to help. I remember so clearly how hard the goodbyes were when I first came toContinue reading “In honour of the newbies”

Birthdays at Sea

It was my birthday yesterday. I turned 23, which makes me one of the oldest undergraduate students on the ship. Another (perk? downside?) to doing a six-year course. Every day at sea, they announce the day’s birthdays during the afternoon announcements. There were two of us yesterday (or the day before? I don’t know whichContinue reading “Birthdays at Sea”