Semester at Sea: Happies and Crappies

sasfound2Yesterday was a whole month since I have been back in South Africa. That means that my whirlwind circumnavigating-the-world experience has been over for over a month! And I have written painfully little since I’ve been back. (What, I did have good reasons – namely exams and clinical rotations, wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am.)

I spent a lot of time on the voyage missing home, but I also spent a lot of time having an incredibly rare experience. Needless to say, there are things I miss and things I was so glad to see the back of. Here are some of the things I miss… and don’t! Continue reading “Semester at Sea: Happies and Crappies”

Weekly Photo Challenge : A Foreigner in China

This week’s theme for The Daily Post’s Photo Challenge is “Foreign”. I’ve had two opportunities to travel beyond the borders of South Africa – once to Canada and Connecticut/NYC, and the other to China. For Canada I was in Montreal, and the French certainly made me feel relatively non-local. But China? In China I was a foreigner through-and through.

I’ve written of China before here and here. One thing I haven’t written of was the food. We were in Hunan Province, which is decidedly un-Westernised. They are are well-known for hot and spicy food, and we were treated to their best.

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Book Review: Kitchen Confidential

As a rule, I do not review non-medical books on this blog, unless it forms part of a Top Ten Tuesday. However, since my recent discovery of the myriad of book blogs, Goodreads and the ability to read while maintaining my schedule has led to me rather bravely attempting a bookish challenge, I have decided to blog about those books.

For the Cookery, Food and Wine category I read Kitchen Confidential: Adventures in the Culinary Underbelly by Anthony Bourdain.

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More Proof of Doctors’ Lack of Imagination

Since my last post regarding the delicious names doctors tend to give medical morphologies elicited such a nice response, I decided to share some more.

Warning: the following post may or may not result in a loss of appetite.

(Lindt) Chocolate Cyst – I just added the Lindt by myself. Chocolate is my vice, and so especially is expensive imported stuff. A chocolate cyst is a complication of endometriosis. A build-up of blood, caused by ectopic endometrial tissue, eventually turns brown.

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Weekly Whine: “Health” Frenzy

Sometimes, I like finding like-minded blogs. Blogs that may teach me something new about my field. I  like health, and I don’t think health is just about the sciences.

But I am not in support of this world-wide frenzy to be “healthy” to such an extent that people are pushed towards eating disorders.

Exercise is GOOD. Leading a balanced lifestyle is GOOD. But exercising your body into oblivion is NOT good. Counting calories is bad. Needing to perform jumping jacks for every cookie you eat is unhealthy. Yeah, a while ago I saw a blog explaining how many jumping jacks one needed to do to deserve an Easter egg.

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