The Worst Scut Ever

You can all go home now. I win at this contest. You think doing rectal exams on every incoming trauma or abdominal patient is bad? You think dripping all the agitated drunks is bad? A few weeks ago I was asked to do what I believe is the weirdest scut ever. (For the non-medical people outContinue reading “The Worst Scut Ever”

Why I Won’t Specialise in Surgery: Reason #143

I don’t think there are really that many reasons, but this is one of them. I actually referred to a forceps as “scissors” on call the other night, and had a trauma surgeon look at me with great concern. What? If it has handles like scissors it is a scissors, done. Also it was threeContinue reading “Why I Won’t Specialise in Surgery: Reason #143”

IV Lines: You’re Doin’ It Wrong

A quick contribution to this month’s Medical Monday. I am in the last week of Family Medicine and trying to finish of the mass of projects we have to present this week. Additionally I have just realised that my first set of exams (the B.Ch-part, a.k.a. Surgery) is in two months. I am not feelingContinue reading “IV Lines: You’re Doin’ It Wrong”

Midnight Inspiration: Dystopia

Our ophthalmology rotation ends today, and we have a theoretical exam as well as a viva voce exam. A week of migraines necessitated an all-nighter, and naturally, this was what my brain fixated on: Books taught me about dystopias first: “An imagined place or state in which everything is unpleasant or bad, typically a totalitarianContinue reading “Midnight Inspiration: Dystopia”

The Nerd in its Natural Habitat

You saw it here first: this video clip was made by my sister’s boyfriend while she was studying for her final high school exams about a year ago (he was apparently doing the “moral support” thing, and got bored). I think it is outrageously hilarious – I hope you think so too. Turn on EnglishContinue reading “The Nerd in its Natural Habitat”

Bowel Sounds and Glug-Glug

On examination of a patient recovering from a Bricker’s Ileal Conduit Urinary Diversion, a colleague had to qualify the bowel sounds. Trying to help, the registrar enquired whether the bowel sounds were ting-ting-ting (soft and almost gone) or glug-glug (loud). And in my exhaustion all I could think of was this classic South African commercial (translation ad lib below).

GIF-Party: Why Doctors Are Weird

This post brought to you by the temporary insanity of surgical rotations. The more time I spend in hospital, the more I realise how weird doctors are. We ask strange questions, and we actually get answers. A few times I’ve asked non-patients (friends and family) and received some awkward looks. I don’t think for oneContinue reading “GIF-Party: Why Doctors Are Weird”