The Anti-Valentine #1

I’m not really anti-valentine or pro-valentine, but I thought this was hilarious. It’s from PostSecret. As someone who deals with STIs almost daily, my first bit of relationship advice will always be A-B-C: Abstain, Be Faithful, Condomise. Edit: 12-18 February is STI/Condom awareness week. So quite fitting in the end.

Matryoshka (disambiguation)

Medical Students quickly become desensitised. It is a coping mechanism and it works well – not the least because it makes us laugh. Nevertheless, it’s no wonder people think we are weird. Case in point: Clinical Partner and I discuss our feelings on autopsies. He says, “Wow… doing that autopsy on the pregnant woman wasContinue reading “Matryoshka (disambiguation)”

Lost in Translation

Little Brother (still) says the darndest things. A while ago I posted the following as a status: Practising Derms surgery on pig. Yummy! But in my home language, “derms” means “guts”. So, Little Brother tells The Family that Big Sister is removing pork gut for med school. Nomnomnom indeed! The funniest thing is that aContinue reading “Lost in Translation”

I like scientists with a sense of humour

Here is a fun “did-you-know”: In 1928, scientist  Albert Szent-Györgyi, working at Cambridge University, discovered an unknown compound in some foods. He was sure it was a sugar, but not sure which sugar. Confessing his ignorance while sticking to the common nomenclature of sugar, he called it “ignose”. When he submitted his paper to the BiochemicalContinue reading “I like scientists with a sense of humour”

A Reason I Love My Clinical Group*

Me: Y’all have to be nice to me. I have the Apley’s**. Guy 2: We have a better textbook. Me: Which one? Guy 1: Apples Me: That’s not a textbook. And I prefer naartjies. Guy 1: It is. An apple a day keeps the doctor in. * I sincerely hope you find this as hilariousContinue reading “A Reason I Love My Clinical Group*”

In honour of good consultants

Tomorrow starts one of the most difficult (apparently) theoretical blocks of med-school: Musculoskeletal System. In honour of the first two weeks of Paediatrics, which were awesome, I decided to post a few hilarious quotes made by unwitting consultants. “I’m not interested in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. I’m interested in the collateral damage rightContinue reading “In honour of good consultants”

An awesome video, some humerous insight into my exams

So I wrote Urogenital System on Friday and Reproductive System today and I think that I now know everything about urology, gynaecology, nephrology, genitalia, reproduction, neonates, genetics, pregnancy and breastfeeding. I have Endocrine System left on Friday and I am exhausted. My friend introduced me to “Amateur Transplants”. They are hilarious! Check out this video,Continue reading “An awesome video, some humerous insight into my exams”

Favourite Funnies

I don’t believe in using too many mnemonics or rhymes to remember things, as remembering the mnemonic in itself can be a difficult task. To work, it must either be very funny, very relevant, or very entrenched. Here are some of my favourites – some because they are hilarious and some simply because they work.Continue reading “Favourite Funnies”