Dermatology is just like in Grey’s!

Remember that episode in Grey’s Anatomy, where Christina, Meredith and Izzie discover “A Brave New World”, namely the Dermatology Department? You know the one… Yes, that one. For the next two weeks, we get to discover Dermatology in a public South Afican hospital. And yes, it really is an oasis in the desert. It isContinue reading “Dermatology is just like in Grey’s!”

TTT: Freebie

It’s Freebie Week at The Broke and The Bookish, and I am notoriously bad with freebies. Considering I read most of my books from the library, I am also not very good at lists. Nevertheless, here are my Top Ten Books for Students, Professionals and Fanatics of the Health Sciences. These books (both fiction andContinue reading “TTT: Freebie”

Le Document Pour MB.ChB.III

The inspiration for this document came during my second year while studying for an end-of-block test. At the same time, the then-first years were studying for Pathology, aided by “Le Document”. Somewhere in this time period I looked at a fellow second year, threw my hands in the air rather dramatically and exclaimed, “I wishContinue reading “Le Document Pour MB.ChB.III”

Grouchy Smurf is Grumpy: On Globally Relevant Research

I’m a bit of a Grinch. Or a grump, or maybe just a cynic. Anyway, I read this article about how poor dental health can lead to pneumonia, therefore you must brush your teeth twice a day and floss once a day. The research was done by the Yale University School of Medicine, so IContinue reading “Grouchy Smurf is Grumpy: On Globally Relevant Research”

Book Review: Three Letter Plague

By now, followers of this blog will know that one book – a book about AIDS – prompted my medical career. Earlier this year, I met a dynamic young History professor, who recommended I read Three Letter Plague by Jonny Steinberg. Last week I finally read it. Sold as Sizwe’s Test in the USA, thisContinue reading “Book Review: Three Letter Plague”

Book Review: Disease

My favourite part about short respites from med school is being able to go to the library and get awesome books to read. I get bored easily (my biggest problem while studying), so I don’t hesitate when I find a medical book that looks half interesting. Disease by Mary Dobson is one such book. It chroniclesContinue reading “Book Review: Disease”

Medical History: The Fastest Surgeon (Ever?)

While reading Disease by Mary Dobson (review to come shortly), an interesting surgeon jumps to the fore. In the era before anaesthesia, the success and survival rates of operations were said to be practically directly proportional to the speed with which it was performed. Bare in mind that in those days, patients were subdued by alcoholContinue reading “Medical History: The Fastest Surgeon (Ever?)”

Review: 28 Stories of AIDS in Africa

Today is World AIDS Day. I have been threatening to write about the book that lead to me studying Medicine, and this appears to be the best day to do so. I was 18, in my final year of high school and set to study law the next year, scholarship in hand. My mum hasContinue reading “Review: 28 Stories of AIDS in Africa”

Doctors and Piercings: The Debate

I like piercings and tattoos. To a limit, of course. I could not imagine tattooing my arms from shoulder to sleeve. But that is just me. I am not about to make any judgments about you if you do. If someone used unsterile needles or lead paint, or took poor care of the raw piercingContinue reading “Doctors and Piercings: The Debate”