Teaching People To Walk Better

This past week, Stellenbosch University has been celebrating the successes of the Hope Project (about which I have written before). In two years, the SU has made leaps and bounds of improvements in the fields of healthcare, legal aid, agriculture and science. For more on all that, you can check out these two sites orContinue reading “Teaching People To Walk Better”

First Years Spread HOPE

Our university has started to rethink our way of welcoming first year students, in such a way as to promote the HOPE project. The HOPE project focuses on three pillars: Academic Excellence Research Community Interaction It is the latter that has been revolutionary: for universities to accept responsibility in the community is less obvious thanContinue reading “First Years Spread HOPE”

The Need for a Good Physician

I recently heard of a man who started complaining of an incessant rushing in one of his ears. He complained to his general practitioner and continued to do so, but the doctor maintained that nothing was the matter. A few weeks ago he called his wife, saying that something was wrong and he needs toContinue reading “The Need for a Good Physician”