Funemployment, or a holiday?

It’s a week now since I’ve finished Community Service.

I decided to take this week to organise my admin and recover from a long year. A holiday, if you will. Only, this time my holiday is unpaid leave. Oh, I do miss formal employment.

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A Key To Disillusionment In Work And Play

disillusionment2The phenomenon of disillusionment is well-discussed in the world of medicine. Roundabout third year of medical school, students begin to realise that the medical world simply does not live up to what they envisioned.

It is easy to say, “Just don’t have such high expectations,” but in reality a doctor without vision becomes a mindless drone. Disillusionment is discussed so widely because even though by definition it seems simple, its origins and characteristics are complex.

Funnily enough, I began to really understand disillusionment when I started club-running. Don’t be mistaken: joining a club was the best decision I could have made. It introduced me to many like-minded people and provided ample opportunity to amp my mileage.

I joined a club because I felt that I loved running enough to do so, but not long after joining I started experiencing an emotion I recognised from the medical world. I was feeling disillusioned. Continue reading “A Key To Disillusionment In Work And Play”

The Passion Deception: Beyond What You “Like”

Last week, I wrote about how the idea of “passion” can overwhelm us into unrealistic future prospects. I actually got some good feedback from readers, which leads me to believe that I am certainly not the only one with this experience.

But if you’re a high school student – or otherwise at the threshold of choosing a career – you might wonder, WHERE DOES THAT LEAVE ME? If you have been told your whole life that you need simply to do what you love (and you’ll “never work a day in your life”, yada yada yada), you might not know HOW else to choose a path forward.

My suggestion? Ye ole’ trusty mindmap.

Many of ours (mine included) may have looked something like this:


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There Was This Boy: Your Future Matters

A few times every year I see on Facebook, blogs and Twitter how high school students consider their options for life after school. 

There was this boy I dated in high school. He was not a genius, but he performed as an above-average student. He did well in Maths, Science and Biology. He was good at interpersonal relations.

In short, he was not meant to be a candidate for struggles later in his life.

But he had a family job lined up and decided, despite advice from people who cared for him, not to study after school. After all, he was the heir to the family business.

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Summer Jobs: A Necessary Evil

While Christmas shopping today I was recognised by some girls from my high school. It means a lot to me because I was kind of a someone in high school – often in the limelight and usually for a good reason – so university has sometimes made me feel small and invisible.

Anyways, the girls were working at a bookstore as a holiday job. They are still in school. I asked a little about school and future plans. [Talented as they are neither are interested in becoming cashiers or saleswomen].


Upon asking till when they were working I was told seven. At first I took this as 7 January, but I then realised they referred to the time of day. They are working till 18 January, the day before Eastern Cape schools open for the new school year.

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