Healthcare for LGBT Patients in South Africa

In our third year, a friend of mine had an upsetting first shift in Trauma Surgery: the first suturing she ever did was on a young woman who had just survived corrective rape. Rape is common in our country in general, and so is the “corrective” rape of gender non-conforming women. A year later, weContinue reading “Healthcare for LGBT Patients in South Africa”

A Tired, Anxious, Excited Post

It’s amazing how few places offer free wifi. But San Francisco does, and I’m super glad! One of my (sponsored, not self-paid) tickets is First Class. It’s a first for me (see what I did there) and it’s pretty cool. I’m so full on good food that I don’t have much else to do duringContinue reading “A Tired, Anxious, Excited Post”

Clever Patients and Patient Education

During my two weeks in the Rural Western Cape, only two of my patients had finished high school. One was an elderly lady from a privileged background. It was shocking to see how low the literacy rates were in that little place and how that affected patient education. Medicine compliance, smoking cessation, family planning… it’sContinue reading “Clever Patients and Patient Education”