Open Letter to South African Private GPs*

Dear South African Private GPs,


I want to tell you today that I am tired.

I’m sure you are tired too, but I want to tell you that, at least in part, you are contributing to my exhaustion – and that of my fellow interns. Continue reading “Open Letter to South African Private GPs*”

Dear Medical Student: Med School Is Not Worth Your Self-Harm


A while ago this secret appeared on PostSecret:

“Medical School made me self harm. It better be worth it.”

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Letter to the Neonates

I know you will probably never read this, but I hope you will one day grow to be able to read. I hope that you will attend a school that has electricity and running water and teachers that love their job.

I want you to know that you inspire me. When I see you in your incubator, your entire body fighting to breathe, you give me hope. And I want to bless you – not in the name of any deity per se, just a blessing. You will be a leader. You will be strong. You will be protected. 

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