Conversations in Zambia


This post brought to you by a lovely few days spent in Zambia with Lisa. Yes, I am on leave for a few days. Much-needed!

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Everywhere in Livingstone, Zambia:

THEM: Where are you from?

ME: South Africa

THEM: Oh, we are neighbours! I will give you neighbour-price!

*proceed to give me normal tourist price*


My miniature baobab which I bought for SIXTY FREAKING RAND. But I love it.

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In a taxi:

TAXIDRIVER: Where are you from?

LISA: Canada

ME: South Africa

HIM: How is South Africa?

ME: It’s good!

HIM: Really? Everyone says there is too much crime. I’m too scared to visit there.

*  *  *

On the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe:

HIM: Madams! Two for ten dollars! Ten dollars only.

US: Sorry… we have no cash.

HIM: Please! Ten dollars only.

US: We really have no cash. And even if we did, it would be kwacha.

HIM: I am so hungry. You know the situation in Zimbabwe is very bad.

*feeling miserable. Still really had no cash.*

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At the market:

US: Do you accept South African Rand?

HER: No! The Rand is too weak!

*  *  *

Checking in at the airport:

HIM: You are a doctor in which field?

ME: Medicine

HIM: How long did you study?

ME: Six years

HIM: *look of disbelief*

ME: Don’t worry, I still don’t believe it either.

Gorgeous Victoria Falls. Any closer and you get drenched - which is not entirely unwelcome in the intense heat.

Gorgeous Victoria Falls. Any closer and you get drenched – which is not entirely unwelcome in the intense heat.

The Passion Deception: Beyond What You “Like”


Last week, I wrote about how the idea of “passion” can overwhelm us into unrealistic future prospects. I actually got some good feedback from readers, which leads me to believe that I am certainly not the only one with this experience.

But if you’re a high school student – or otherwise at the threshold of choosing a career – you might wonder, WHERE DOES THAT LEAVE ME? If you have been told your whole life that you need simply to do what you love (and you’ll “never work a day in your life”, yada yada yada), you might not know HOW else to choose a path forward.

My suggestion? Ye ole’ trusty mindmap.

Many of ours (mine included) may have looked something like this:


When in reality, it probably should have looked something like this: Continue reading

Less Happy


It’s hard for me to admit this, but a week has actually passed where I did not enjoy work.

This week I switched over to the other hospital in our complex. I’m technically doing internship at two hospitals, so now that I have completed two months in O&G at the one, it’s time to do two months in O&G at the other. And… it’s not the same. The one is an inner-city hospital, the other is a more rural hospital.

But the differences don’t end there. Continue reading

The Passion Deception: Why Passion Is Not Enough


I had the pleasure of visiting my old high school recently to talk to some of the Matrics about life, their final year of school and their future plans in general. I spoke at length about what I call the Passion Deception. It sounds like a bit of a downer but to be honest, it’s real talk and the more I think about it, the more it makes sense.

passion deception

I feel like many talented youngsters have a pressing desire to do a job that makes them “tick”, and they are taught (myself included) from a young age that the profession you choose should be one you feel passionate about. I can understand why we tell people that too: talented youngsters can often do anything they want to, so “passion” becomes a good indicator of what to leave and what to dive into. Continue reading

My Year in Review: 50 Questions to Reflect, Appreciate and Get Excited for 2015


I hope everyone had a good Christmas! I had a fantastic time with family and friends and was so busy that I didn’t even start the computer once. I found these questions at Into Mind by Anuschka and I thought they made for some great reflections. I was pretty disappointed in myself for struggling to answer some of them, and I want to keep these questions in mind this year to aim for a more mindful approach to life. Feel free to answer them too and let me know!

youryearinreview_800b Continue reading

I Lived in a Shipping Container


This is a scheduled post as I am currently camping and soaking up the sun! :D

I am packing my room up. All of the detritus of six years of university (and one accumulates a lot of STUFF) must go into boxes to be transported 1,000km away, to my old-new life.

For the past three years, I have lived in a modified shipping container. I wanted to post about it before, but I was worried about privacy and the big bad internet, so you know, I had to wait.

tincan Continue reading