Questions on Blogging for Readers Past/Present/Future

I started this blog exactly eight years ago, today.

Who I was then, and who I am now, has changed drastically, and often. I wrote as I stumbled my way through new clinical and life experiences. I wrote as my mental health peaked and plummeted. I wrote as my love for medicine died, and was reborn. The first community I found was that of book bloggers, but gradually, I found the medical bloggers, too.

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I Read a Book About CIPA

Remember that episode in House, M.D. with the girl who can’t feel pain? I remember watching that and thinking, THIS CAN’T BE REAL. (Hey, I was just a little first year at the time.) Google showed me the light, though, and so I learned a pretty important physiological lesson: pain has purpose.

Yeah, she had a six-foot tapeworm in her, in case you forgot the gory details.

I love reading YA with protagonists that aren’t perfect. Give me protags with OCD, PTSD, porphyria, cerebral palsy, autism… I want to read about all of the people in the world! I was elated when I heard that someone had written a book about CIPA – congenital insensitivity to pain with anhidrosis. Continue reading “I Read a Book About CIPA”

DIY ≠ Change Agent – But Right Now, It’s All I’ve Got

My medical school always made a big fuss about training us to be “Change Agents” – so much so that I guess it sometimes became a joke to us. The idea was that we would be active role players in whichever environments we found ourselves instead of sitting back and complaining, but it often seemed like an unrealistic expectation, given some of the challenges we face in public healthcare.


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Three Months of Adulting: Flashback to my First Call

Today I’ve been working for three months. It’s almost hard to believe. My first rotation is almost over, and my next rotation will be anaesthesiology (they just won’t let up, will they?).

My first call of Internship was on a Sunday. I was so nervous that I had an upset tummy that morning (but not upset enough to call in sick). It was terrifying and exhilarating. I had a big breakfast – perks of living at home!

I wasn’t even halfway to hospital when my phone rang. We don’t have pagers, we just have speed-dials so we are reached directly via cell phone. I thought maybe the medical officer was calling to shout at me for being late, but I was not actually late YET.

More like 24-hour float, but anyways. Click image for source.

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