Why “Share” Hoaxes Get My Goat

I get really annoyed when people share those photos stating that for every share, some illustrious company or doctor will donate $1 for a lifesaving treatment or surgery. It annoys me because it turns logical people into pathetic sounding board for Munchausen-by-Internet sufferers. It annoys me because it floods my timelines. It annoys me because itContinue reading “Why “Share” Hoaxes Get My Goat”

Brain Space?

On a bit of a tangent, you know when people say that humans only utilise 10% of their brains, and Einstein used more, and we can reach so much more if only we tried? Well most of it (except for the last part) is hogwash. We use all of our brains, to different extents, butContinue reading “Brain Space?”

Six-month Book Haul

I’ve been resisting the temptation to do a book-haul this whole year. Possible to resist a main-stream activity, or just because I don’t get books regularly. It’s practically six months since I discovered book blogging, so I’ll share the books I’ve acquired in this time. I don’t buy books often. I believe in libraries! ButContinue reading “Six-month Book Haul”

Define: Specialist

At Cape Town Book Fair I attended a forum discussion on making knowledge and research results more accessible to students and the general public, breaking down the “Ivory Tower” so to speak. Remember how often I’ve written about that annoying research jargon? Yep! The panel chairperson was journalist Karabo Kgoleng. This graphic is inspired byContinue reading “Define: Specialist”


In my first year we had quite a difficult Pharmacology course. It was well-known to be the course most often failed by first years and we were freaking out. We asked one of the professors for advice, and in his distinct German accent he said this: It wasn’t really what we wanted to hear, butContinue reading “Ellemenopea”

TTT: Quotes that Inspire

I think one of the biggest reasons I read is because it inspires me. It inspires me to live, to love, to be bigger than I am, to exceed life’s expectations. I guess you could say I collect quotes – so today’s Top Ten Tuesday with The Broke and the Bookish is making me very happy. TheseContinue reading “TTT: Quotes that Inspire”