Books I Hope Santa Will Bring This Year

As is my tradition, I’m snubbing a Top Ten Tuesday topic and moving this one earlier, so I can give my loved ones long enough to catch my hints! For some reason I only have ten books on my list that I absolutely desperately want. Lucky family 😉 Also, I’ve linked to online South AfricanContinue reading “Books I Hope Santa Will Bring This Year”

Ten Books I Have DNF’ed

I tend to stay away from potentially “negative” bookish lists (like “books I will never read”) because I think there is so much negativity on the internet that I don’t want to drag my favourite thing (reading) into it. I decided to do today’s Top Ten Tuesday after all, by virtue of not all my reasons being entirely negative.

Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts #8

6. I’m thinking of joining Ultimate Frisbee. It’s a super popular sport (sport??) among the doctors here. Actually, I’ve already been coerced to sign up to a team but so far have used being on call as an excuse not to go. I’m terrified. But also I think it can be awesome. Convince me to suck it up and go already?

Top Ten Diverse Books

It’s kind of sad how few books are truly diverse. When I was going through my books, I noticed that although a lot of books had diverse characters, many of them were fairly flat and seemed to be little more than tokens. I mean, it’s kind of like movies having the token female scientist and then thinking they’re sorted for diversity. Uhm, no. Not that this is at all a groundbreaking realisation, so moving on to the books:

Top Ten Recently Acquired Books

The thing I hated most when I started book blogging was seeing “book hauls” on people’s blogs. Mostly because I was a little jealous… as a South African I do not get access to many ARCs at ALL, and as a student I could hardly ever afford to purchase new books. Anyway, I haven’t braggedContinue reading “Top Ten Recently Acquired Books”

Ten Books for Readers who Like… The World

I know that with things like We Need Diverse Books a lot of people are trying to read beyond their own milieu. I think for me, the biggest problem as a youngster was that I was constantly reading narratives about young people in the USA or the UK, and so I was getting a very narrow view of the world and indeed of what I could be.

5th Annual End of Year Book Survey!

It’s time for another end of year book survey with Jamie from The Perpetual Page Turner! I read more than I thought I would be able to get away with. Here’s a bit of a roundup of the year! Where titles are hyper-linked, the redirect to my reviews. Number Of Books You Read: 59 (re-readsContinue reading “5th Annual End of Year Book Survey!”