Top Ten Intimidating Reads

I am hitting such a slow patch with reading! I guess it is all part of working on this degree and achieving my 25 Before 25. There are way too many books on my TBR list, but a few of them I fear I may never read, because they are so intimidating. This week’s TTT isContinue reading “Top Ten Intimidating Reads”

GIF-Party: Why Doctors Are Weird

This post brought to you by the temporary insanity of surgical rotations. The more time I spend in hospital, the more I realise how weird doctors are. We ask strange questions, and we actually get answers. A few times I’ve asked non-patients (friends and family) and received some awkward looks. I don’t think for oneContinue reading “GIF-Party: Why Doctors Are Weird”

TTT: Heavyweights

Last week with Top Ten Tuesdays we discussed the best light and fun books. Recall that it was really difficult for me. I did find some really nice suggestions on some blogs (there are light books out that that don’t feature love and bunnies! Who woulda thunk it?), but today we discuss books addressing tough subjects, andContinue reading “TTT: Heavyweights”

TTT: Lightweights

A week back in the country and settling in is harder than expected. I haven’t even read a book, because exams are all-consuming. I suppose the South African Medicines Formulary is technically a book. Anyways, this week’s TTT is about books that are light and fun. I realised while writing this that I am notContinue reading “TTT: Lightweights”

TTT: Pick-Me-Ups

I am home! I have important exams coming up, so will get back into the swing of blogging (and talking more about Semester at Sea) E-VEN-TUALLY… for now, it’s time for a Top Ten Tuesday. I loved looking for (and in most cases, finding) bookshops in all the countries – and books were my splurge-itemsContinue reading “TTT: Pick-Me-Ups”

TTT Freebie: Everybody Loves Quotes

Happy Christmas! I have just had a delicious Christmas lunch with the family, and I feel incredibly blessed. Life is good. Today’s Top Ten Tuesday with The Broke and The Bookish is a freebie, so that those who are too busy celebrating aren’t left out. I wouldn’t have posted this if not for the post-lunchContinue reading “TTT Freebie: Everybody Loves Quotes”

TTT: The Best Reads of 2012

As the year draws to a close, my reading and blogging slow down. Nothing like the festive season to remind you to relax and  spend quality time with the family. The hustle and bustle of 2013 is just around the corner. 2012 was certainly a good reading year. In January I set a goal ofContinue reading “TTT: The Best Reads of 2012”

TTT: 2012 was a good year [the new authors edition]

It’s been a good year – at the very least, in terms of reading. It was nice to discover a bunch of new authors (maybe not new to the world, but certainly new to me) and that’s what this week’s Top Ten Tuesday is about. Here are my top ten new-to-me authors of 2012.